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Jules Verne “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” eBook, Audio, Resources

    Jules Verne’s book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is listed as a Free Read for Year 6 on Ambleside Online. We are not currently at this year, but since he was born in February why not go ahead and celebrate his birthday by finding resources for the book. So grab your periscope, keep watch for sea […]

5 Days of the “Riverside Literature Series” ebooks: Day 5

Yippee! You are now on Day 5 of the Riverside eBooks Series! If you missed a day, please be sure to get your ebooks (10 books a day) for Day One, Two, Three and Four. Ok, recap. On Day Four I concluded with stating the 1886-1887 recommended reading list was for a “Fourth Reader Grade”. However, […]

5 Days of “Riverside Literature Series” eBooks: Day Four

Riverside Literature Series Day 4

Greetings to Day 4 of the Riverside eBooks Series. If you missed a day, please be sure to get your ebooks (10 books a day)! Day One: Background information and information regarding the books. Day Two: View the Riverside Literature Series book list. Day Three: See an example book list from the 1886-1887 school year. Day Five: […]

5 Days of “Riverside Literature Series” eBooks: Day Three

Five Days of Riverside Day Three

Welcome back to Day 3 of the Riverside eBooks Series. If you missed Day One, please check the details regarding the Riverside Literature Series and information regarding downloading the ebooks. Also, don’t forget to download your 10 ebooks for each day from Day Two, Day Four and Day Five!   The quantity of books in the Riverside Literature Series seems daunting. Were […]

5 Days of “Riverside Literature Series” eBooks: Day Two

Riverside Literature Series Day Two

Welcome back to Day 2 of the Riverside eBooks Series. If you missed Day One, be sure to catch up with details regarding the Riverside Literature Series and how the books are presented below. Also, don’t forget to get your ten ebooks from Day One, Three, Four and Five!) Upon examining Number 1 from the Riverside Literature Series […]

5 Days of “Riverside Literature Series” eBooks

Riverside Literature Series Day One

Our Riverside Literature Series journey began innocently at a library book sale.  Scanning the room for bargains my eyes spied a ragged paperback hiding in a sea of hardback books. It’s cover was faded, it’s edges stained and worn while penciled in notes indicated dutiful study. Gingerly, I opened the cover to spy a copyright date of 1896. Imagine, […]

Looking Back-Moving Ahead: My Top 10 Posts of 2014

I have counted down to the New Year, discarded uneaten candy and started to reevaluate New Year’s resolutions.  It’s a time of reflection, a time of renewal. It’s also a time I wish to offer a warm “Thank You!” for reading. As a science geek who loves to crunch numbers, I simply couldn’t resist researching my top ten most popular […]

Simplifying New Year’s Resolutions with One Word

William Blake Quote

New Year’s resolutions seem so daunting to me. What do you pick? It’s like the produce section of your grocery store. Just toss a pound of kindness, a package of exercise and a few bunches of happiness into the cart and be gone. The problem remains when you get home and have to put everything […]

Math: The Heart of a Number

Math The Heart of a Number

“I hate Math!” a sweet grimacing face declares. The words fill you with dread. They surround your heart and squeeze viciously.  Multiplications, sums, angled symbols all fall to the ground in hopelessness and are covered with tears. You know the work is achievable and no modifications are needed. You have hard data that proves it. […]

Spelling with Wheeler’s Elementary Speller {Free eBook}

Spelling with Wheeler's Elementary Speller

Copywork using Wheeler’s Graded Studies in Great Authors was been a delight.  We only copy a few items a day so we are not even close to completing it, which is perfectly fine. It’s about quality, not quantity. Copywork is great, but dictation is calling. It would seem the path would be simple. Read passage. […]