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McGuffey Readers (Primer to High School): Timeless Treasures in a Digital World

I love listening to my daughter read. Tender sweet pauses while she mentally rehearses words in her mind. Her strengthening voice as confidence is gained.     Thanks to homeschooling we are proud owners of two new bookshelves and a book rack. My library card is currently maxed out […]

How Taekwondo Gave Me a New Year’s Resolution: No Special Uniform Required!

Children are yelling in front of me. Controlled, deliberate yells. I love it! Embedded in those yells are hours of hard work, determination and pride. White uniforms with colored belts signifying rank move effortlessly across a matted floor. Leading the motion is their Taekwondo instructor-a conductor of motion with […]

The Angel in Checkout Lane #9

You were standing behind me when I saw her, but you didn’t see her. I watched patiently as arthritic hands gently placed her meager purchase on the conveyor belt as she shifted her eyes from the items to her purse. Milk, eggs, bread…the basic staples […]

How I Found Treasure in My Washing Machine

Laundry. A chore. The thing you do because if you don’t the pile grows into a monster seeking revenge for frequent drownings.   Children and laundry are always an interesting combination. However, I have discovered that homeschooling adds an element of surprise. Surprise to the […]

11 Ways to Mentally Prepare for a Successful Homeschool Experience

After a semester of homeschooling I can now claim Expert Status.   I am now an Expert at asking questions, seeking help and researching till the wee’ hours of the morning.  Coffee has become a close friend.   Homeschooling is an adventure, so if you […]

Reflections on Nature Study-Bees

I am fascinated by bees. A random thought perhaps, but after our latest Nature Study I can’t seem to get the buzzing out of my mind. Worker, Queen, Drone. Each one has a purpose, each one knows what to do. If one part fails the entire […]

I Am My Keurig

I am my Keurig. My morning ritual proves it. You might have a morning ritual. Exercising, brushing your teeth, reading your newspaper. Mine is walking like the living dead to the kitchen and hugging my Keurig coffee maker. Ok, hugging might be too strong of […]

My Child is Not a Number

Paper. Small white circles. Tiny letters embedded within. Scent of a number two pencil. Clock ticking in background. Childhood shortened. You have just entered the world of a standardized test. A world in which a child is not given an identity, but a number. A world […]

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