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Let The World Be Your Homeschool Room

Let The World Be Your Homeschool Room


The nerve center of our homeschool is around the kitchen table. Life doesn’t allow for a separate homeschool room, elaborate storage area or tree house. I must confess, I do have tree house dreams. Sure, it might have weather challenges, but the gift of imagination grants me the ability to indulge in sunshine success.

I envision green ivy intertwined around an oak desk, fragrant flowers bursting in bloom and the sweet lure of nature filling the senses. Stillness, quiet, rustling leaves. Shadows of leaf patterns dancing across school papers while the sun makes its leisurely journey above. Calm. Peace.

No matter how high I place my dream tree house in the sky, the fact remains a kitchen table is our homeschool hub of action. The table is scuffed with age, it features random light markings and has been known to indulge in jelly stains. It prides itself on being clean yet cluttered. It rejoices in being the central point of life while offering support during days of math madness or compositional chaos.

Books and lessons do freely wander to various locations, but the kitchen table greets us and bids us farewell to each school day. A dedicated school room would ease the bookshelf burden. An elaborate storage system might grant more space. However, these things are not a complete necessity. They would be nice, but are not required for homeschooling to be successful. Homeschooling is not about where you are or what you have. It is about the heart. The desire for truth, beauty and goodness.

As you enter the homeschool journey or if you have been at it for awhile, you experience the truth of learning. It occurs with each breath, with each day. Learning occurs at the library, grocery store, nature hikes, community events, sporting competitions and my favorite-ice cream shops. You are not limited by the table in your kitchen or the room you occupy.

My table might need fresh flowers, a homeschool room might need new paint and the organizational system could use updating. No worries. Change what you can, embrace what you have and let the world be your homeschool room.

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  1. Yes! The world is our classroom when we homeschool. I love your treehouse dreams…

  2. I have a “homeschool room” but you’re so right! The world is where the majority of the learning happens…I really just have a great place to store my books when we need to get to them. 🙂

    1. Having a “go-to” spot for books is wonderful! I love how homeschooling allows us the freedom to learn anywhere…and anytime.

  3. Angie Young

    The thought of a tree house for a classroom would be so cool. I always thought that a boxcar would make for a good classroom. But I have two boys that absolutely loved The Boxcar Children when they were little.

    We actually tried having an actual classroom when we first started homeschooling 8 years ago. But somehow we have ended up either at the kitchen table or at the couch. We’ve even found ourselves out on the front porch from time to time.

    Like you said, the world is our homeschool.

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