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Putting the Mom back into “Homeschool Mom”

  As a Homeschool Mom you are responsible for the entirety of your child’s education. If the world perceives your child as not knowing a certain fact by a certain time then you take the fall and endure scorn. Note the word, “perceives”. We both know […]

Let The World Be Your Homeschool Room

  The nerve center of our homeschool is around the kitchen table. Life doesn’t allow for a separate homeschool room, elaborate storage area or tree house. I must confess, I do have tree house dreams. Sure, it might have weather challenges, but the gift of imagination grants me the ability […]

7 Online Resources We Use for Homeschool Success

Homeschool success can be measured in many ways. Academics. Goal setting. Pursuing a life of truth, beauty and goodness. Regardless of the measure, the path to success is paved with preparation. I’m reminded of this every time I plunge into lesson plan mode and start […]

5 Psalms of Strength for Homeschooling Moms {FREE Desktop Wallpapers}

5 Psalms of Strength for Homeschooling Moms (FREE Desktop Wallpapers)

Homeschool Mom, we can always use doses of inspiration and encouragement in our day. As outliers in the educational realm, folks tend to not understand us. We need to find our tribe, hang on tight and be rest assured we are not alone. Repeat after me. You. […]

Nature Study: How a Homeschool Subject Turned Into a Hobby

We never saw it coming. Life was gracefully gliding by as bird feeders slowly entered our world.  Ultimately, we had to accept the consequences of their presence. We had to accept the fact we now have a hobby. Nature Study had introduced us to birding and there […]

5 Homeschool Life Lessons I’ve Learned from My Daughter

Learning is merely a one-dimensional aspect in the homeschool world. Teacher teaches. Child learns. That’s it, call it a day. Right?? Wrong!  There are many days in which I am the student and my daughter is the teacher. I glean words of wisdom from her as we […]

Then-High School Science Teacher. Now-Homeschool Mom. WHY?

I loved teaching high school physics and chemistry. Science was in my DNA-literally. I can claim this fact since my Mom is a retired chemistry, physics and math teacher. Life growing up revolved around Newton’s laws, periodic table properties and electromagnetic forces. It was my […]

12 Free Public Domain eBooks for Drawing, Handicrafts and Games

12 Free Public Domain eBooks for Drawing Handicrafts and Games

The cold dreary days of winter are slowly starting to fade. In effort to bid a strong farewell to winter’s bleakness, I’m focusing upon summer and pondering planning. Summer is a time for outdoors, refreshment and restful thoughts. It’s also a time to revisit activities that seem to […]

Diagramming Sentences-Online Resources

Diagramming Sentences Online Resources

Diagramming sentences, oh my! I recently shared how we are walking down this new pathway by referencing four ebooks. I love ebooks, but sometimes I need a different view, a new angle, a sideways look. Thus, in my search of a new vantage point I wish to […]

Walking the Road to Diagramming Sentences

Walking the Road to Diagramming Sentences

My journey with diagramming sentences started in 8th grade. Words divided by lines created elaborate artwork in my mind. Artwork that led to an understanding of grammar. Unfortunately, all I can now remember are lines, random words and puzzlement. Fast forward to homeschooling and I once again […]